Sunday, July 29, 2012

Reaching out to my graphic designers...

Hey all -
I’m completing a one-shot for the Fandom for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I’m the worst at making banners and I need a banner for my one shot, please.
It’s a future take from one of my more popular stories, A Prescription for Love.
Here’s the summary for the actual story…
Bella Swan works as a nurse at Cook County Hospital in the ER. She’s older and desperate for love. It’s hindered by her shy personality and plump body. Her father, whom she lives with, teases her relentlessly for being fat and single.

Edward Cullen, thirty-three, is hired as a doctor in the ER. He’s getting over a divorce. He moved to Chicago to be closer to his family: sister, Rosalie, and brother, Jasper. Rosalie is younger than Edward by ten years and is struggling with an eating disorder brought on by a heinous rape of her ex-boyfriend. Jasper, twenty-seven, is finishing up his doctorate in history.

Bella is charmed by this new doctor in the ER. He’s kind and thinks about his patients and maintains a friendly rapport with the nurses and orderlies. Edward is intrigued by the sad nurse who does her job efficiently but doesn’t have a sparkle in her eyes.

Will she allow Dr. Cullen into her life or will she let her insecurities get in the way of her happiness. Perhaps, Dr. Feelgood can write her a prescription. A prescription for love…

And the Summary for the ONE SHOT - Roughly six months after Bella and Edward meet at Cook County Hospital, their relationship is moving along and life couldn’t be better. However, one frightened child, two parents, one doctor and one nurse are presented with an illness that baffles them all. What will happen and will our favorite doctor and nurse be able to figure out the medical mystery before it’s too late? Rated M/NC-17 for language, lemons and adult situations.

The story will be called The Healing Touch. Anyone? Please???

Thanks, oodles!

Edited to add...I did my own banner...whaddya think?

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