Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Angels and Monsters Teaser

In the evening, Alice told Jasper to help me get ready for my big proposal. Alice was dressing Bella. Her mind filled mine with questions: What’s going on, Edward? Why is Alice forcing me into a dress? I chuckled quietly which caused Bella to growl. As I was getting ready, Carlisle slipped into the room.

“I heard from Rosalie,” he chuckled.

“Really? Have they dismembered each other yet?” Jasper asked, arching a brow.

“They leveled a forest preserve in Canada,” Carlisle smirked. “In addition to being in bloodlust, they’ve also bonded, physically.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“They fucked, Edward,” Jasper explained.

“Language, Jasper,” Carlisle admonished. “When a newly mated pair bonds physically, it deepens their connection.”

“So, you’re saying that when Bella and I, um, make love, we’ll become more connected?” I questioned.

“Yes. Even more so,” Carlisle answered. “I’m surprised at the level of connection that you and Bella have now even though you haven’t bonded.”

“Fucked,” Jasper snickered.

“Don’t make me throttle you,” Carlisle said, holding up his finger. “But, based off the description of Bella’s attack when she was changed, she might not be ready to take that step with Edward. And certainly not while he’s human. With Edward being Bella’s singer…”

“Hello, Edward’s standing right here,” I said as I waved wildly.

“Sorry, son,” Carlisle said nervously. “Anyhow, I’m supposed to take you to a secret location. It’s where Alice has this all set up. Jasper is bringing Bella.”

“How are we getting there? Car?” I asked.

“Ah, no,” Carlisle snickered as he whipped me on his back and we were off. Holy crap. Holy crap. Holy 
crap. Wearing a suit and moving faster than the speed of sound. HOLY CRAP! 

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