Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Angels and Monsters Update

Chapter Eight on FFn

Chapter Eight on TWCS

Chapter Eight on AO3

"I'm never going back to Chicago, am I?" I asked Jasper as we drove to the closest mall that was about an hour away from Bella's cabin.

"Probably not, Edward," Jasper said with a frown. "Are you sure that you want this?"

"To be with Bella? Yes. I've never been more certain about anything in my life," I said as looked at him.

"Are you ready to give up everything in your life, your family, your future?" Jasper pressed. "If you become like one of us, you will have to 'die' in the eyes of your family. Edward Masen will cease to exist."

"I can't be without her, Jasper," I murmured. "It hurts. Physically hurts. I feel like my heart is back at that cabin. If I give her up…" My heart stammered against my chest and I felt the edges of my vision cloud.

"Okay, relax, Edward," Jasper said. "You're on the verge of a panic attack. I get it."

I felt myself calm down and I slumped against the seat of Bella's Ferrari. "Did you do that?"

"Yep. Cool, huh?" Jasper snickered. "I never realized the full extent of my gift until I met Alice. I could always feel the emotions of others and could project those emotions back out to nearby humans. But, Alice suggested that I try projecting a different emotion. I started simple with happy and when I mastered that, it grew from there. It's easier to manipulate human emotions than vampire ones, though."



Proposal Outfits

Camping (only Alice)

Bella's Engagement Ring

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