Monday, June 18, 2012

Starlet Update

Being a part of a Family on TWCS

Being a part of a Family on AO3

Christmas seriously threw up in New York City. It was like Rudolph had an enema and shit tinsel everywhere. “God, this is horribly gaudy,” I snickered as I strolled past some ugly holiday display in Macy’s. “Can you believe this shit, Aro?”
“It’s pretty bad. However, my wife, Pia, makes my entire house look like that display,” Aro said dryly.
“I’m so sorry, my friend,” I said solemnly.
“It’s pretty bad, Miss Swan,” Felix chortled from behind us. “I think that Mom believes that more twinkle lights we have in our house, the faster Santa’s coming.”
I arched a brow. Does a seventeen year old boy still believe in Santa? Well, his name IS Felix…
“He’s kidding, Bella,” Aro bellowed. “God, your expressions are too much, my dear. Felix’s cousin, Demetri, who is fifteen, though does still believe in Santa. His parents feed into it, too!”
“That’s just sick,” I snorted.
“That’s my brother, Caius. I love him but he’s not all there in the head. Now, what are we shopping for?” Aro asked as he laced his arm through mine.
“Well, Edward…” I began.
“Your bodyguard? He’s such a handsome man and such a good actor, too. I’m trying to convince him to audition for my next film,” Aro chuckled. “Anyhow, go on…”
“Edward invited me to spend Christmas with his family. I don’t get along with my father, my mom passed when I was  younger and my cousin, Emmett, is spending time with his new wife’s family. I was going to spend Christmas in my condo, eating Cherry Garcia and drinking myself stupid. Edward graciously offered to invite me to his family’s home for the holidays and in a moment of weakness, I agreed. So, I need to get his family presents as a token of my gratitude for letting me spend the holidays with them.”
“That’s so sad, Bella. If next year, you’re in the same boat, you’re more than welcome to spend Christmas with my family,” Aro said, hugging me to his side. “You’re like a daughter to me.”
“Thank you, Aro,” I smiled. “I truly appreciate it.”
Esme and Alice, Christmas Eve outfits

Bella and Edward, Christmas Eve outfits

Bags for the pajamas

Women's pajamas

Men's pajamas

Bella's journal from Edward


Edward's watch from Bella

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