Monday, June 18, 2012

Figure Eight Teaser

My shower was done and I padded out into the bedroom in the robe Alice had left for me on the counter. Rose was holding a blow dryer and Alice was armed with her handy-dandy makeup brushes. I plopped down in the chair and for the next two and half hours, I was transformed into Isabella Swan, sex goddess. Yeah, that’s lame but it’s what Alice wanted to call me. I just arched a brow as I stared at her, blinking rapidly at her utter stupidity. Rose rolled her eyes and shoved Alice who stumbled onto her ass.

“Bitch!” Alice giggled. “Why’d you push me?”

“Because you’re a moron, Cullen,” Rose snickered. “Bellarina, I love you, but you are not a sex goddess. Well, not in a traditional sense. You’re sensual. Confident and I can see why Edward can’t keep his hands off you. Now, today on the ice, channel your inner Rosalie, who is a damned sex goddess, and kick all of those asses and win gold!” She tugged on my hand and led me into the bathroom. I was shocked at what I saw. My hair was teased in a sexy low ponytail. My eyes were rimmed with smoky, sultry makeup and my skin was glowing due to the shimmery powder that Alice had used all over my body. “I’d do you.”

“Thanks, Rose,” I said dryly. “I’m glad my allure transcends gender lines. That’s not what I’m trying to accomplish.”

“Still, you look hot,” Alice giggled as she tucked an errant hair into my ponytail. “We have two outfits for you. One is for before and it’s designed for comfort. The outfit for after the competition is for pure sex appeal as  you are going out to eat with Edward after you skate.”

“Where are we going out?”

“Only Edward knows,” Rose smirked. 

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