Thursday, June 14, 2012

Starlet Teaser...

We spend the next several hours shopping for Edward and his family. Well, mostly his family. I was at a loss as to what to get Edward. Clothes and gift cards seemed too impersonal. Jewelry seemed too girlfriend-y. Besides the only jewelry that Edward wore was a tattered old watch. That’s it! A watch! It’s personal enough to give a friend, but doesn’t send mixed messages. I hope…

I got Edward a Bulova watch with an exposed dial and blue hands. Underneath, I had an inscription added. For taking the time to keep me safe. I.M.S. I showed Aro the watch and he nodded his approval. Unfortunately, though, we had to head back to the hotel. The premier for Metropolis was happening today and I still needed to get styled. Based off what the critics said about the movie, there was Oscar buzz for my portrayal of Mia. Mike, however, got ripped to pieces. Apparently, his future in Hollywood is seriously in danger.

Anyhow, today we were doing more publicity for Metropolis and then in two days, we were heading back to California. Three days after that, I’m going to Cullen’s home for Christmas. Holy crap.

Perhaps staying home with my pint of Cherry Garcia was really a better choice. I mean, I’m not a part of their family. I’m just an interloper.

“Bella, are you okay, sweetie?” Aro asked.

“I’m fine,” I said, giving him my fake Hollywood smile. “What time do I need to be ready?”

“Edward has that information, Bella,” Aro replied. “He’ll be glued to your side. Mike is on the warpath and he’s blaming you, Bella.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You’ve heard about Mike’s depiction of Eric? Well, he’s blaming it all on you. Lack of chemistry, teasing, and other things,” Aro sighed.

“I’ll sue him for defamation of character and slander,” I snarled. “He’s the one who felt me up while I was inebriated. He slipped me something, Aro.”

“I know, Isabella,” he said as he hugged me. “However, Mike is a few crayons short of a box. He…he is a 

“A what?”

“Asshole,” Aro snickered. “However, I personally think that he’s involtino di fegato.

“Aro, I don’t speak Italian,” I laughed.

“He likes to take it in the ass,” Aro said impishly. “He was only trying to ‘bed you’ to prove his masculinity. Now, we’re back at the hotel and you need to get ready. Become more beautiful than you already are, Isabella.”

“Oh, hush,” I giggled, swatting at his arm. “You’re a charmer, Aro.”

“I try, Bella,” he said. “I’ll see you on the red carpet.”

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