Thursday, June 14, 2012

Angels and Monsters Teaser...

“Edward, do you mind if I drive?” I asked, holding my hand out for his keys.

“No one drives my baby,” Edward frowned.

“Yeah, but you sleep. We don’t,” I said as I wiggled my fingers. “Besides, I have a built in radar detector.”

He pursed his lips and put his car keys into my hands. I turned to Carlisle and we turned off the lights in my condo. With one more glance, I locked up my condo and made a mental note to call Jenks to lock it up permanently. We got into Edward’s car. I was driving while Carlisle sat in the back and Edward was in the passenger seat. “Where are we going?”

“Upper peninsula Michigan. I have property up there,” I explained. “Hmmm, your windows aren’t tinted. What’s the fastest you’ve driven this?”

“I don’t know. Umm, ninety?” Edward shrugged.

“What’s the speedometer go up to,” Carlisle asked from the backseat.

“One-sixty,” I answered.

“You can cruise around one-forty, no big deal,” Carlisle said with a wave of the hand.


“Relax, Edward,” I said as I patted his hand. I started the car and eased it away from the curb. I got us to the highway and once we were past the tolls on the Skyway, I turned off the lights and floored it. Edward gripped the ‘oh-shit’ handle as he watched me handle his car with ease but it was fast for him. “Edward, I run faster than this. Trust me.”

“You run faster than a hundred and forty miles an hour?” he whimpered.

“I think I was clocked at around one-ninety,” I said. “What about you, Carlisle?”

“I’ve never been clocked,” he chuckled. “But, I’m slower than that. Edward, would you like a sleeping pill? You’re very tense.”

“My vampire girlfriend is driving my car at a hundred and forty miles an hour. She can run faster than that. 
Um, a sleeping pill really won’t help, Carlisle,” he said.

“Hmmm,” I mumbled. “When I stop for gas, Carlisle, you take over. I’m going in the back with Edward. He needs to be distracted.”

“Good idea,” Carlisle said.

About fifteen minutes later, Edward’s stammering heart was too much for me and I got off at the next exit. Carlisle filled up the gas tank while I gently prodded Edward into the backseat. I sat him behind Carlisle and I took his face in my hands. Listen to my voice, Edward. I won’t every hurt you.

“That’s so weird,” he mumbled.

What? Hearing me in your mind? I asked

“Yeah. I like your voice. Your actual voice,” he pouted.

Well, this can become handy when I want to tell you something and I don’t want anyone else to know.

“Like what?” he asked, his green eyes darkening.

Like I think that you are the strongest, bravest man I’ve ever met. Try and answer me with your mind, Edward. You’ve done it before.

It’s weird. Edward wrinkled his nose. “I’ll stick with verbal communication for now.”
“Suit yourself,” I said.

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