Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Angels and Monsters Update

Chapter Five on FFn

Chapter Five on TWCS

Chapter Five on AO3

As I drove on the highway, I called my attorney, Jenks, to inform him that I needed my Michigan home opened up and prepared for my arrival in a few days. I also told him that I needed food and other human necessities, like toothpaste and deodorant. If things are going to happen as quickly as Alice had alluded, I was going to have to take Edward and run. The nice thing with my gift, I can put him into a safe slumber while we traveled.

Unfortunately, my biggest concern is Emmett. He was nearly fully changed when I was up in Wisconsin. I prayed that I got through to him but I wasn't holding my breath. I'd have to wait until he actually attacked before I could force his hand.

I got back to Chicago around eight. I hopped in the shower once I got home and washed the smell of the nasty lake off my body. Nothing is more foul than fishy water. Yum, yum. Once I was clean, I called Edward. To say he was happy to hear from me was an understatement. He asked about my day and that he missed me. Hearing the longing in his voice made want to run to him, gather him in my arms and kiss him senseless.

I was almost tempted to drive to his place, but I needed more brown contact lenses. I had depleted my supply and had to wait until tomorrow to get them. Thankfully, the eye doctor that I used let me purchase as many as I needed at a time.

When Edward started yawning over the phone, I urged him to go to bed. He sulked but acquiesced to my strong request. We said our goodbyes and hung up. I did some more research regarding the Cullen's diet. Apparently, there was another coven that adhered to the same ideals in Alaska, the Denalis. I sent off an email to their leader, Eleazar, to ask if he had any words of wisdom for a vampire that was looking change their dietary habits. I sent the same email to Carlisle as well.

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