Friday, June 29, 2012

A Prescription for Love Teaser

“Good morning,” I said as I swept into the circulation desk in the ER.

“Morning, Dr. Cullen,” Angela said as she gave me a bright smile. “You lost the specs. Looking good there, Dr. C.”

“Thanks, Ang,” I snickered. “Who’s on today?”

“Me, Bella, Alice Brandon, you haven’t met her yet. She’s newer and has been working nights,” Angela responded. “Jessica, Ben and Austin.”

“Have you done the shift change?”

“Yep. Bella and Alice are with their patients while the rest are checking on labs and such,” Angela explained. “I’m just finishing up some notes from Dr. Denali before I go to the drug locker.”

“Thanks, Ang,” I smiled.

“Oh, and thanks for the new harassment policy,” Angela said as she walked away. “Lauren got written up and suspended yesterday for giving Bella shit. Jessica is on her last ‘limb.’”

“What happened?” I asked. God, I sound like a gossipy old woman.

“Lauren was talking smack about Bella taking the day before yesterday off because of her fall. She was spreading rumors that Bella gave you head to get the time off and that Bella was a slut. Dr. Sanchez overheard her and reminded both her and Lauren about the new policy. Lauren tried to play it off that she was teasing but get this, Bella stood up for herself. I was so proud. My baby girl is growing up! She typed out this dissertation on how Jessica and Lauren tease and harass her, provide specific instances, witnesses and dates. Lauren was written up and suspended for shoving Bella in the drug locker the day her patient died.”

“Thanks, Ang,” I said, smiling crookedly. Bella stood up for herself? Fuck yeah!

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