Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Prescription for Love Update....

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I shouldn't have left her in that apartment. Her father was freaking certifiable. And a drunk. I noticed way too many beer bottles littered around his dingy recliner and when he spoke, he had a subtle slur to his words. I nearly turned around twice as I drove back to my brownstone. For some strange reason, I wanted to protect and care for Bella. She'd been dealt a shit hand of cards and I wanted to be her freaking knight in shining armor.

Plus hearing what the slut sisters had to say about her didn't really help either.

When Angela, one of the few friends that I had learned that Bella had on the floor, was called in to take over Bella's shift, Lauren and Jessica let loose.

Bella's such a lazy, fat fuck.

She can't even come into work?

God! How did she get hired at this hospital?

Isn't there a weight limit to be a nurse?

I bet she's stuffing her disgusting face with bon bons.

As I listened to their hateful words, I was shocked. Surely this hospital had a harassment policy. When I looked it up, it was minimal at best. No real ramifications for the harassment of another employee. A proverbial slap on the wrist. It was a slow day in the ER and I drafted a new policy to show Dr. Sanchez. Before my shift was done, I handed it to him and he was impressed with the new policy. With his go ahead, I printed off copies and stuck it in everyone's mailbox, all over the staff lounge and sent out a PDF to everyone's email.

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