Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Update

Chapter Twenty-Eight on FFn

Chapter Twenty-Eight on TWCS

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"Emmett, this is ludicrous. I am not wearing a damn lion's costume for Emma's birthday. It's bad enough we're driving all over God's creation to find all of these decorations and treats," I grumbled. "I know that she wanted an animal themed birthday, but this just nonsense."

"You could be wearing a cow costume With udders," Emmett snickered. "And it's not an animal themed birthday. It's a safari. Get it right, Little Cullen."

"Ass," I said dryly as we wandered around Party City, looking for safari-themed birthday games, treats and decorations. Bella had sent me out with a specific list and this was the third Party City we'd looked in for the things she wanted for Emma's birthday. "Just you wait until you and Rose have your little one."

"Any day now," Emmett snickered. "I'm scared shitless, Edward. What if I'm a horrible dad? What if my kid hates me?"

"All children hate their parents at one point or another," I said as I found the animal bags that Bella had on our list. "Besides, your kid is going to be dependent on you until they reach the age of two-ish. Then, they get into everything. Anyhow, Emma hated both Bella and I a few weeks ago when we forgot her field day."

"Emma kisses the ground the both of you walk on," Emmett snorted.

"Well, not on June first. I was so upset with my little girl because she acted like a brat but Bella in her infinite wisdom explained it to her and things were smoothed over. Thankfully," I said. I looked around the store and heaved a sigh. We were not going to find stuff that we needed here. "You know what? This shit is not going to be here. Let's check Michaels or Hobby Lobby. They have the artsy fartsy stuff."

Emma's Birthday Presents

Her guardian angel who will make all of her dreams come true

Pride and Prejudice Book from Bella

Edward's Presents

Gag Cards from his family...

Tickle Me!

Edward's Scrapbook from Bella

Framed Poem

Bella and Bean's hearts

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