Sunday, June 3, 2012


I love Twilight. 
I love the Twilight Fandom.
I love my fellow authors!
I love my fabulous readers, who travel with me through my ramblings.

I originally started reading fanfiction when I was heavily in love with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (I have all seven seasons on DVD. Dr. Bashir? Yeah, he's hot). I didn't get back into fanfiction until I found Twilight. I started on and then moved to While I was reading these stories, I was intrigued. Could I write? Could I put myself out there like these brave men and women have?

I figured that I would try it. Hence, La Cantante was born. After that, there was no turning back.

Like many others, I write and read fanfiction to escape the harsh realities of my job, family and personal life. It's also a way for me to work through my own personal issues. Each story that I write is a different facet of my personality.

La Cantante - Love of music
A Fresh Start - Working through my own dramas of my divorce
Witch Way - Channeling my own inner power
Edward Cullen: A Work in Progress - my anger management
A Nerd Story of Love - A romantic fairy tale that I want to happen to me
Finding Love Through Music - Again, the love of music and also of teaching
Figure Eight - Discovering my own voice and standing up for myself
The Geek's Guide to Parenthood - My hopes for children of my own
Starlet - Overcoming my insecurities and becoming comfortable in my own skin
Angels and Monsters - Putting myself out there in the dating scene (yes, I'm not a vamp, but Bella's insecurities are a lot like mine right now)

Through this journey, I've made so many friends. Cried over wonderful stories. Laughed out loud over the antics of the characters. Bonded with my fellow authors and readers over our shared obsession of Twilight.

This shall pass but we need to remember, that we are in this together. This fandom is so tight knit and I love all of you!

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