Saturday, June 2, 2012

Starlet Picture Teaser

Bella was deep into filming this Snow White adaptation. We were currently staying in a lavish condo in Dublin, Ireland. It was near the end of the filming and close to the press tour for Metropolis. I could tell that Bella was getting nervous to be around No-Dick Newton. Her snarkiness was coming out in full force. Today was one of the rare days off for her and I was taking her sight-seeing. We were taking an all-day trip to Blarney Castle, to kiss the Blarney Stone, doing some sightseeing in Cork and finishing up with a tour of the Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary. Normally, it would be with a large group of other tourists. Due to Bella’s celebrity, she had arranged for a private tour guide for us. She also finagled a side trip to see where Guiness was made which I loved since I could live off of Guiness.

Best. Beer. Ever.

But, I digress. Bella was bitching and moaning as she stomped around our condo, looking for her shoes. She only got that way when she was nervous or upset, rather, pissed off.

“I need my damn boots. I can’t travel the Irish countryside without my boots. My ankles need the support. Have you seen my boots? Edward, please tell me you’ve seen my boots,” she said as she frantically ran her hands through her hair. It was pulled into a long braid since she had extensions added to it for her role.

“I’ve seen your boots. One of which is on your feet,” I chuckled from my spot on the couch. Bella tossed an apple at me from the basket on the kitchen counter.

“Don’t make me hurt you, Masen,” she scowled. 

Dublin, Ireland

Rental Condo, Family Room


More Kitchen

Dining Room

Bella's Room

Bella's Room

Edward's Room

Bella's Bathroom

Edward's Bathroom


Location for the Snow White adaptation

Irish Coast, location for Snow White adaptation

Another location for Snow White adaptation

Blarney Castle

View from Blarney Castle


Irish Graveyard

Rock of Cashel

View from Rock of Cashel


Pints of Guiness (Best. Beer. Ever.)

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