Sunday, June 3, 2012

Starlet Update

Fairy Tales

After the MTV Movie Awards, Bella had to train for her next role that was based off the fairy tale, Snow White. Gustavo and I worked her to the bone, exercising and strength training with her. She also quit smoking to increase her endurance. Overall, her health improved greatly. The lack of partying helped as well. But her attitude sucked. Lack of alcohol, smoking and drugs made Bella a bit of a bitch. Okay, a lot of a bitch. When she was happy, she was ecstatic. When she was pissy, steer clear. I nearly lost my balls on several occasions due to her sour attitude.

Bella’s down time also allowed me to have more of a life. Bella’s attempt to set me and Ginny up didn’t pan out. Don’t get me wrong, Ginny was a sweet girl and all. But there was zero chemistry. When we kissed, it was like kissing Alice. That’s kind of gross. Ginny and I did maintain a close friendship and whenever Bella had any of her diva moments, it was nice to have a confidante to bitch to.

And trust me when I tell you that Bella had many diva moments. She got very whiny and simper-y when she worked out. I cared for the girl but listening to her complain all of the time as she pounded the weights something that I did not want to endure. Ever again.

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