Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Update

Chapter Twenty-Seven on FFn

Chapter Twenty-Seven on AO3

Chapter Twenty-Seven on TWCS

"Edward, I don't understand why we're flying first class. The flight is only an hour and half long," I grumbled from my spot in my wheelchair.

"You need more room since you have a boot and you're injured," Edward chided. Dr. Martinez kept me for another three days after I initially woke up from my 'coma.' They wanted to make sure that I was stable before I had to endure a journey home. "Be grateful I didn't make arrangements for private jet, Bella."

"You wouldn't," I said as I twisted, looking at him. Ow. Remember? Ribs? Yeah, they're broken, idiot.

"I was on the phone when Charlie swiped it away from me and told me that you would kick my ever-loving ass if I did that," Edward winked.

"Way to throw me under the bus, Cullen," Charlie grumbled good-naturedly as he strode next to Edward.
"Seriously, Bells, he was making arrangements for a private jet and a helicopter to chopper you back to your house."

"I want to ensure your safety," he said, gripping the handles of my wheelchair tightly. "If I hired the best pilots, I had some control over the situation. I'm sorry." We reached the gate where the rest of our family was sitting. Carlisle must have noticed something and he gestured to Edward. "No, Dad. I need to stay."

"Come on, Edward. Let's get some coffee," Carlisle said. The tone in his voice indicated that he meant business.

"Fine," Edward sighed. He crouched in front of me and it was nice to see his face again. I pretty much forced him to shave his beard once Dr. Martinez left. He willingly obliged, saying he felt like Grizzly Adams. "Will you be okay, love?"

"I'll be fine, Edward," I said as I cupped his cheek with my right hand. My left hand was strapped to my chest with a sling since it was so horrendously broken. "My dad'll be here along with the rest of your family. Go have some coffee with your dad."

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