Saturday, June 16, 2012

Starlet Picture Teaser

Carlisle and Esme's Mansion

Yeah, mansion...

Entry way (did I mention that it's a mansion?)

Fuck...yep, mansion

A bit gaudy for my taste but hell, it's a mansion

You can't buy taste...this is foul, even for a mansion. 

This is pretty nice for a master bedroom - in the mansion

White on white...I'd die in this kitchen. But fuck, it's a mansion (do we see a theme here?)


Master bathroom...again white on white, not a fan. 

Carlisle's office - in his swanky, white on white mansion

The LARGEST driveway, ever.

He's  fucking movie director; Carlisle's gotta have a movie theater in his mansion....

Family room - the only NORMAL room in the mansion

Their own personal wine cellar

A fountain that looks like a rusted bucket? Not appropos for a mansion

Butler's pantry (this is like the size of my old kitchen in my OLD house)

Formal living room, more white on white gaudiness

Workout facilities

Backyard - pretty nice


I'd hate to be the guy responsible to mow all of these lawns...


Guest bathroom

Games room - that is a nasty rug

Formal Family room 

Christmas presents - Esme's jewelry tree

Carlisle's leather toiletry case

Wine basket for all of the Cullens

Bracelet for Alice

Shades for Jasper

Inscribed watch for Edward

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