Friday, June 15, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Teaser

“Miss Swan?”

“Yes,” I replied. Edward had just finished shaving and was sitting next to me. I was trying get comfortable, but finding it to be fruitless. Plus, my stomach was unsettled. Edward said that it was probably morning sickness. I arched a brow saying that it was nearly nine at night. He just put his hand on my stomach, smiling knowingly.

“Dr. Martinez wanted me to come and do an ultrasound,” said a young doctor. “I’m Dr. Meyer. We want to pinpoint exactly when your angel was conceived and then we’ll get you started on some pre-natal vitamins.”

I nodded and she explained that since my pregnancy was so new, that we had to do an internal ultrasound. She removed my foley catheter and prepped the machine. She then lubed up a condom-covered transducer and eased it into my body. Edward watched with rapt attention as she maneuvered the probe until she found our angel. Our bean. “There’s your baby, Miss Swan,” Dr. Meyer said. She pointed to a small dot in my uterus that was about the size of lentil bean. She explained what was happening inside of me but I didn’t hear a word of it. My eyes were fixated on 
the bean that was growing inside of me.

My baby.

Our baby.

Edward’s and my baby.

“Miss Swan? Do you want to know when your miracle was conceived?” asked Dr. Meyer.

“Yes, please,” I whispered.

“Based off the size, your baby was conceived roughly around March 23,” she smiled. “It’s a little over six weeks old, pushing on seven weeks.”

“How does everything look, Dr. Meyer?” Edward asked.

“From what I can see, your baby is healthy, growing at the normal rate. I’d have to run some further tests if you want a more conclusive answer,” she said, grinning softly. “Dr. Martinez said that you’re going to work with Dr. Joelle Warren in Chicago. She’s the best in the field of high-risk obstetrics.”

“What’s the probability of me having a miscarriage?” I asked, my voice thick with emotion.

“I know your history, Miss Swan. I’m not going to lie and say that it’s minimal, but based off your medical history and recent events, the probability of miscarriage is higher for you than another expectant mother. However, if you take it easy, listen to your body and utilize your resources in your fiancé, your family and friends, you will be fine.”

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