Friday, June 15, 2012

Angels and Monsters UPDATE

Chapter Six on FFn

Chapter Six on TWCS

Chapter Six on A03

"I'm sorry," I said, trying to relax my body. "Just a lot on my mind."

Thirsty! Thirsty! Smell fresh blood!

I hissed and looked around, pulling Edward behind me. "What the hell, Bella?"

"I need you to stay behind me, Edward," I said, looking into his eyes. "Trust me."

"Is there something out there?" he asked as we got to a park. "If so, I can handle it."

"No. You can't," I said. There was a low growl in front of me and I turned. Emmett stepped out from behind a tree. His eyes were bright red and his muscles were rippling.

"Emmett?" Edward choked. "Is that you?"

"Edward, no," I growled. "That is not Emmett. He looks like Emmett but the Emmett that you knew is dead."


"Hmmmm, dinner," Emmett snarled. He crouched and readied himself to feast on my mate. His friend.

I crouched in front of Edward, growling lowly. Edward was confused as he watched me face off with his friend. However, Emmett just had one goal and that was to drain Edward. I tried to reach him but his mind was so focused on Edward; it was a futile exercise. I needed to get him out of here.

Then, Emmett charged. 

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