Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Update

Chapter Twenty-Four


"Yes, Emma-bear," I chuckled as I drove back to our home.

"When are you going to marry Mommy?" she asked, leaning forward in the car. Her face was stuck between the two front seats and her eyes were sparkling.

"As soon as she wants, Emma. Tomorrow if she is willing," I chuckled. "But, weddings take a lot of planning. Perhaps Mommy wants to have a big party and have Pop Pop walk her down the aisle?"

"Oh," she pouted. "Will I be a part of the wedding?"

"Of course, sweet girl," I said. "You'll one of the most important people in the wedding. Daughter of the bride and groom. You'll get a beautiful dress, flowers and you'll stand up at the altar with us."

"What color will my dress be?" she asked.

"We'll figure that out but I'm guessing that Miss Alice will be making it for you," I chuckled.

"Daddy? Will Bella be my mommy for real now? I mean, for real?" she asked.

"Is that something you want? For Bella to adopt you?" I replied.

"Can she? I mean, she's dead and yeah," Emma said quietly. "I want Bella to adopt me and I can be her real daughter. She's my mommy and I want to keep her forever."

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