Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Figure Eight Teaser

Edward cut the bread and we dug into our meal of the warm baguette and honeyed brie. It was quiet which was a welcome change from our time in the house. Rose and Emmett had made up from their fight at Fahrenheit and were loud. Plus, I think they broke a bed frame in their excitement. Alice was turning into a little skating Hitler with all of her rules for our costumes.

God forbid when you get married, Bella. She’ll be in control-freak heaven.

Married? Where in the hell did that come from?

Admit it. You want to be Mrs. Edward Masen. Right?

I do.

Heh, ‘I do.’ Here comes the bride…all dressed in white…

But does Edward?

Of course he does. I mean, seriously. Do you not see the way he looks at you? How he cherishes you? Are you really that dense, Swan?


“Bella, you are spacing out, love,” Edward said as he sipped his wine.

“Sorry, just thinking,” I said as I wiped my lips. Edward’s cell phone rang from its spot on the table. I jumped out of my seat and nearly fell on my ass on the cobble stone.

“Jesus, Bell. Relax,” Edward chuckled. He checked his phone. “It’s Jared. I’m going to put it on speaker, okay?”

“Kay,” I said as I righted myself in the chair.

“Hello?” Edward said as he placed the phone in between us.

“Edward? It’s me! Jared,” he announced. “How’s Nice?? Is it nice?”

“Ugh, not you too,” I groaned.

“Edward told me to say it,” Jared chortled. “Seriously, though. How is it?”

“It’s beautiful, little man. Bella and I are sitting in an outdoor café, sharing a baguette and drinking some delicious red wine.”

“Cool!” Jared said excitedly.

“Okay, Jared. I need to know. How did you do?” I pleaded. “I’ve been asking Edward if you’ve called 
every five minutes and I’m waiting with baited breath.”

“I won!” Jared whooped.

“You did?” Edward smiled. “What happened? Tell us everything.”

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