Monday, May 28, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Teaser

I was out with my daughter, picking up some small presents for the seniors. It was still the show weekend and we had two more performances to go: tonight, Saturday and tomorrow’s matinee. Bella was sleeping in, crashing in the car on the way home from school. I had to carry her into the bedroom and dress her in some pajamas. She barely stirred. The craziness of the past two weeks had finally caught up with her. Hell, I slept like a rock too. Until Emma begged for me to watch Saturday morning cartoons with her. She watched while I snoozed. However, Emma just wanted to cuddle with me since our time together had been lacking due to the musical. I lounged on the couch, spooning around my daughter while she giggled quietly at the silly animations on the television.

We finished our errands and drove back to the house. Inside, Bella was eating some breakfast by the kitchen island as she read the newspaper. “Morning, love,” I said as I put my bags onto the table.

“Morning, Professor,” she said in a raspy voice. “Morning, Emma-bear.”

“You sound sick, Mommy,” Emma frowned.

“Not sick. Just sleepy. I just woke up,” Bella chuckled as she cleared her throat. “Did you have fun with Daddy?”

“I did,” she said as she wrapped her arms around Bella’s waist. Bella leaned down and kissed her head, gently scratching our daughter’s back while she nibbled on her breakfast. I kissed Bella’s temple and began assembling the presents for my ten seniors.

Emma helped me with the girl’s presents while I tackled the presents for the guys. We got some really good stuff for them…all on sale, too! The guys got a Lightscribe package with a 4 GB Lightscribe, ear buds, and two moleskin journals. The girls got some funky nail polish that Emma insisted was in style, some bracelets, sunglasses and a set of 4x6 picture frames.

After Bella ate her breakfast, she went up to shower and get ready for the show. Our family was coming tonight to watch the production. I spent some time working on a composition that I was writing for my fiancée. Emma was coloring in my music room, humming quietly. The afternoon passed by quickly and soon we were getting into the car to head to Springview Central. Bella wore a pink sequined tank top and jeans. I was also in jeans but paired it with a black button-down and black leather jacket. My guess was that my jacket was going to be commandeered by my fiancée as soon as we walked into the school. 

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