Thursday, May 3, 2012

Figure Eight Update

Fahrenheit and Press and Packing

"We need to go out and celebrate!" Alice squealed from her spot in the limo. "Please say that you're going to come with us to the club, Bella? Please!"

"I'm game. Are you?" I asked Edward, kissing his neck. Ever since we made it publically known that we were a couple, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. It was innocent and chaste, but we were constantly touching.

"Definitely," he purred, capturing my lips with his.

"Oh, GOD! They are turning into that couple," Rose grumbled.

"Hush, they're cute," Esme giggled. "Besides, it's been a stressful few days."

"That's to put it mildly," Emmett snickered. "Before we go out, Bella, you need to stretch. That throw triple axel probably caused some nastiness in your hip."

"Do you want to check me out before we go?" I asked.

"Probably would be wise," Emmett said. "Jas, you come too. Better safe than sorry."

"Are you guys going to perform in the exhibition?" Rosalie asked. "I have no doubt that you'd be expected to do so."

"We are," Edward said. "We're going to do the lullaby routine. It's slow and lyrical. Easy on the jumps and lifts. It won't be too taxing on either one of us."

The limo pulled up to the hotel and we all scrambled out. Emmett told me to soak in the tub and that he'd come up and check on me in an hour. Once in our suite, Edward ran me a bath and I sat in the water, with my love behind me until the water ran cold. Eventually, Edward got up and helped me out of the tub. I could definitely feel my muscles protest at the movement. I grimaced slightly. Edward's brow furrowed as he led me to the bedroom. I put on a pair of yoga pants and one of Edward's t-shirts. He called Emmett's room and within ten minutes, Emmett, along with Jasper, came up to the suite.

Together, they assessed my hips and said that it wasn't any worse. But, on the down side, it wasn't any better. Emmett manipulated my legs to loosen them up. Edward sat by my head and caressed my cheeks as I whimpered. His words of love and comfort wafted over my body, but did little to assuage the pain I felt in my hips, lower back and pelvis. After my 'therapy' session with Jasper and Emmett, I was given a mild pain killer by Jas.

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