Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Figure Eight Teaser

We sat down at one of the tables and ordered a round of shots. More congratulations were offered and we slammed our drinks. An hour passed and Carlisle and Alice came into the VIP section. Emmett was very drunk already. For every drink we had, Emmett had three. It made for a very pissed off Rosalie. She didn’t want to drunk babysit him. However, it was quickly turning into that. Edward hadn’t drunk a lot. Neither did I. We had our press conference tomorrow and it would look really bad if we showed up half dazed from being hung over.

Edward eventually led me out onto the dance floor, much to my chagrin. I loved to skate. Don’t get me wrong, but dancing? However, dancing with Edward was such a sensual experience. His hands were covering my skin and easily led me in an erotic dance. When I was in his arms, the world fell away and it was just us. It was the same on the ice.

“Just you and me,” Edward murmured, staring into my eyes.

“Just you and me,” I smiled, kissing his mouth. The lights were pulsating and the bass reverberated in my belly, but it was just the two of us on that dance floor.

If only we could stay in our little lust/love bubble.

“God DAMN it! Emmett!” Rose screeched. “I hate it when you drink! Do not motorboat your fiancée in public, you idiot.”

“Uh oh,” Edward said as he watched Rose stomp away from Emmett. He was scratching his head confusedly.  “I think the party is over.”

“You handle Em. I’ll go check on Rose,” I said. “Oh, and Rose is right. Don’t motorboat your fiancée, girlfriend or any woman for that matter in public.”

“Duly noted,” Edward said as he kissed my lips. We parted ways on the dance floor. I went to the ladies room while Edward started smacking Emmett’s head by the bar where he was having another beer. 

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