Thursday, May 3, 2012

Angels and Monsters: New Story

A year after I was ‘created,’ my sire left me. Or rather, I left him. He was a good guy but damn he was an emo fucker. Even before emo was popular. I was in control of my thirst and decided to use my feminine wiles to gain my prey at first. I had yet to discover my mind reading gift. The only time I was able to channel it was when I was overly emotional. Pissed off. The first time I heard a mental voice, I thought I lost my mind.

Hi, I’m immortal and I can hear voices. I’m a fucking LUNATIC!

Once I realized that it was the inner voices of the humans, I found it intriguing to hear their inner-most thoughts. In a small setting, I could hear about dreams, nightmares and erotic mental utterings. I was also able to hear the evilness of the world. Then, I realized how I would hunt. Focus my thoughts on the wrong-doers of the world.

I honed my mind-reading. However, I was in a crowded subway train car one night and I was becoming inundated with all of the minds during the late seventies. I grasped my head in agony, wanting them to stop. Then, they did. I looked up and saw all of the humans around me but their voices in my mind were silent. It was weird to hear the speaking voices, but the mental voices were silent. It was blissful, too.

However, I was close to needing to feed and I was very reliant on my mind-reading to capture my prey. I couldn’t figure out how to turn my telepathy back on. Apparently, it was extreme thirst. I was dying for something and I heard the quiet voices of the humans in my apartment building. Knowing that my mind-reading was on, I strolled the streets for my next victim. It didn’t take long. A mother who hadn’t fed her children in nearly two weeks was walking to go out on a date with a rich guy. She was mentally counting the millions he had while her babies were starving in her shithole apartment.

I drained her and dismembered her body, placing it in dumpsters along the way back to her apartment. I stopped at the store and picked up a ton of food for her children. I brought it to her apartment and handed it over to the oldest boy who was no older than nine. He thanked me and called me an angel. I smiled and left them with their food. I called Child Protective Services to inform them of the kids. Watching from a nearby tree, I saw as the social worker took them away. Her mind was shocked at the squalor that the children were living in and she was pissed at the deceased mother.

I periodically checked on those kids and found out that their grandmother took them in. They lived happy and productive lives. The boy, David Weber, who called me an angel married a woman who looked very much like me and their first daughter was named Angela.

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