Sunday, April 1, 2012

Witch Way Teaser

It was still dark. The sun had barely begun to shift into the sky. We were all standing  on a large field just outside of Forks, waiting. I was next to my wife who was staring at the field warily. To my right were Carlisle, Esme, Rose and Emmett. On Bella’s left were Alice, Jasper, Carmen and Eleazar. Kate and Garrett were behind us along with Irina and her mate, Laurent. There were also a few nomads around in the field; vampires who were done with the Volturi’s rule. Charlotte and Peter, Makenna and Charles and ironically enough, Maria, Jasper’s maker.

On the outskirts of the field, were the wolves. I could hear each of their thoughts and excitement for the impending battle.

Let’s get this shit done.

I wonder how many blood suckers I can take down?

Fucking leeches.


I looked around at the wolves and saw a younger wolf cowering behind Sam. I nodded to Sam, gesturing to the wolf. Sam regarded his comrade and saw the fear in his eyes. With a nod, Sam led the young wolf away from the field. Two quiet pops indicated that they had phased back into their human forms.

“How soon, Alice?” Carlisle asked.

“Fifteen minutes,” Alice replied. “A few of their demons that can blink are close but are waiting for the rest of the horde of nastiness.”

“Horde of nastiness?” Maria asked dryly.

“What?” Alice shrugged. “It’s what they are.”

“I really wish that there were more people here,” Esme said nervously. “I feel so exposed right now.”

Alice closed her eyes, smiling as she did so. “There are reinforcements on the way, Esme. Besides the wolves.” Through her vision, I saw roughly twenty more vampires about ten minutes away. Each of them with a special talent. I relayed the vision to Bella who let out a sigh of relief. Then Alice’s vision crumbled, pyres of fallen vampires, fighting wolves, and then, nothing.  My wife started shaking uncontrollably, clutching at her chest.

“Bella, you need to relax,” Jasper said as he sent a wave of calm over us. “The vision probably just ended.”

I walked over to Bella and took her face in my hands. “We will win. We will survive,” I said, staring into her terrified red eyes. “Bella, we are stronger than them. Plus we have the element of surprise with the wolves. Do you trust me?”

“With my life,” she answered. “It’s the uncertainty that I don’t trust. What if…”

“No ‘what if’s’ Bella. We will win,” I said fervently. I pulled her into my arms. She wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed me tightly, almost to the point of pain but I was okay with that. “I want to finish our honeymoon. I want show you the world. I want to make love to you on Wrigley Field.”

Promise? She asked mentally.

I promise, Bella. You are my life: my reason for existing! I love you. And we will survive. Just a few hours longer and our lives will drastically improve. I promise you.

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