Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood Teaser

“Do you think that the little one will behave?” Edward asked as he placed his hand on my belly.

“It’s pretty early to see the gender, Edward,” I answered, lacing my fingers in his. “I’m more concerned about my size. I’m huge.” I plucked at my white blouse. My maternity jeans were uncomfortably tight around my belly. “Do you think I could be pregnant with twins?”

“Possibly,” Edward said with a wide grin. “Marcus would win that bet.”

“Or maybe I’m just fat,” I said. Edward shook his head no and brought my hand up to his lips. We pulled into the doctor’s office and we headed inside. Ricky was going to stay by the car while had our appointment. The nurse took my measurements, noting my weight gain. I grimaced as she told me to remove my jeans and panties and wait for Dr. Payne.

He soon came into the examination room. Dr. Payne was a short man with graying black hair. His eyes were a gray and sparkled in a friendly way. “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. How are you feeling today?”

“Fat,” I answered.

“You are on the higher end of the weight spectrum, but it’s not too bad, Mrs. Cullen,” Dr. Payne said. “Are you eating healthy foods?”

“This one only lets me eat organic shit,” I grumbled. “And I do eat well-balanced meals. Just a lot of them.”

“Any weird cravings?” Dr. Payne asked.

“Just sweets. All I want is cake, ice cream and cookies,” I answered.

“Don’t forget cheesecake,” Edward chuckled. “She can eat an entire cheesecake in one sitting.”

“Cheesecake Factory Vanilla Bean Cheesecake is the best,” I said.

“It is,” Dr. Payne chortled. “I’m partial to the turtle cheesecake, though. What about you, Mr. Cullen?”

“I’m old fashioned. New York style with strawberries,” he said, looking in to my eyes. “Lots of strawberries.”

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