Monday, April 23, 2012

Starlet Update

Wrapping Metropolis

"Cut!" Aro yelled. "Michael, I don't believe you. You are supposed to be, essentially, raping your wife whom you hired as an escort to be your date for a party. It's about control. You're enjoying this too much."

"So, rougher?" Michael asked. He scratched his blonde hair and gave a very confused look.

Aro turned around and rolled his eyes. Sighing deeply, he said an exasperated yes.

God, I can do so much better than him. Not that I'd want to act out a rape scene. Especially, not with her. Not with Bella. She's too sweet.

When she's sober.

"Mike, get lost in your feelings," Bella suggested. She was naked from the waist up and was getting her costume put back on. "You are not Michael Newton, right now. You're Eric Foster. You just found out that your wife has been whoring herself out since you used my agency for an escort. How would you feel if your girlfriend did that? Your wife?"

"Your gay lover," snickered one of the stage hands under her breath. I choked back a quiet laugh,
nodding minutely.

"Fucking pissed," he grumbled. "But, I wouldn't rape her."

"You're getting what you paid for. She's a 'sure thing' in the sack and you're going to damn well take it," I supplied. "It's not about hearts and flowers. It's about showing the whore who's the boss."

"Jesus, Bella's bodyguard gets it," Aro mumbled under his breath.

Bella and Edward, after Michael's, um, scene with Bella...
Courtyard, Edward's Apartment

Courtyard, Edward's Apartment

Edward's Bedroom

Edward's Bathroom

Dining Room

Dining Room/Kitchen

Living Room/Balcony

Living Room

Metropolis Wrap Party Outfits

Voyeur Club (the girl is Emily)


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