Saturday, March 3, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Teaser

“You think you’re safe, bitch? Highly unlikely…I will find you, Isabella.”

“No, James…please,” I begged. “Let me go.”

“Psh! I will never let you go, Isabella. You will be mine forever. No time, no distance, no ONE will stop me from getting to you. Even your precious Edward.”

“NO! You will not touch him,” I screamed.

“Or maybe his little brat? Emma? She’s fair game, too, Isabella,” James smiled as he glared at me. He snapped his fingers and Edward stood before us, clinging to Emma. She was sobbing as she clutched his chest, whimpering for her daddy. James held a knife, grazing it along Edward’s arm. He hissed in agony. “Do you love your daddy, Emma?”

“Leave him alone,” Emma sobbed.

“Perhaps,” James sneered at Emma, jabbing the knife into Edward’s side. He let out a groan and fell to his knees, dropping Emma. She went to run toward me. James snatched her coat and held the knife to her throat. Edward was holding his stomach, trying to reach for Emma.

“Don’t die, Edward,” I begged. “I need you. Emma needs you. Please, don’t hurt him, James. Kill me.”

“Such a heartfelt plea, Isabella,” James snarled. With a vicious growl, he plunged the knife into Emma’s side causing her to scream out. He then turned to Edward and sliced his neck open. “Now you have no one. But, I won’t kill you. You have to live with the emptiness that your loves are dead.”

I started hyperventilating. Falling to my knees, I crawled to Edward who’s green eyes were empty and dead. He was reaching for Emma who was pale and unmoving. Her own eyes were glazed over, staring at Edward. “No. No. No…why? Why would you do this? WHY?! They were innocent!”

“They knew you,” James answered. “Watch out, Bella. I’m getting closer. You will…always…remember…me.”

I sat up abruptly in the violet light of the dawn. Edward was curled around me, his features pulled in a frown. Did he hear my nightmare? Carefully, I extricated myself from his grasp. He wouldn’t let go, though. “Stay, please?” he begged, his face scrunching up.

“I need to pee,” I whispered, my voice thick with unshed tears. He huffed and released me. I crawled over him, slipping his shirt on over my naked body. Why would I have such a horrid dream after Edward and I make love? It was perfect, loving, and what I had always wanted. What I never got with James.

Inside the bathroom, I quickly took care of business and washed my hands. I took a cursory look in the mirror. My hair was a rat’s nest on my head. My eyes were vacant. On my neck was a slight bruise from Edward’s sucking. Great, a hickey. Not like I wasn’t used to them. James used to riddle my whole body with them, marking me as his own. When he did that, I felt so dirty. But, Edward’s mark made me feel different.
I couldn’t pinpoint what that feeling was, though.

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  1. i love it, can't wait for the chapter. on other note, it's no easy for me to read the teaser with that font, it's too little, thak you