Thursday, March 1, 2012

Edward Cullen: A Work in Progress UPDATE!

Wedding Bells and Graduation Caps

"Where are you going again?" I asked.

"Final fitting for my dress, Whip. Alice is insistent on making it perfect. Thank you, by the way, for the little tidbit of information about her being married. It made controlling her and reining her in for our wedding very easy. She hasn't pushed at all since I ambushed her," Bella giggled. "How did you know?"

"I heard them talking while I was 'sleeping' in the hospital," I smirked. "I wonder why they kept it a secret?"

"Jasper's parents don't approve of Alice. She's too…um, loose," Bella explained. "They wanted Jasper to marry some uptight Texas virgin who likes missionary with the lights off."

"Um, have they met their son? Jasper is quite the hornball," I snickered.

"He and Alice are really into some kinky shit," Bella sighed. "BDSM, anal, fire play…weird stuff."

"Don't knock anal, Bella. It's intense," I said with a waggle of my brows. Her mouth dropped as she pointed to me. "A few times. During my dark era." That's what we called my time where I sold myself to get drugs. Bella's dark era was after she was raped.

"You used a condom, right?"

"Bella, you're the only woman I've been with, without a condom," I reiterated. "But, it's way intimate. Too intimate for what I did."

"You were desperate, Whip," Bella frowned. "I get that. Hell, I sold my car, clothes and was this close to selling my body for my next fix. Anyhow, we're past that. Back to anal…can we try it?"

"We'll have to work up to it since you're an anal virgin," I smirked. "But, fuck yeah."

Bella blushed and she kissed deeply, hugging her arms around my neck. Then her cinnamon eyes took on a wicked gleam. "What else did you hear?" Bella squeaked.

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