Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Edward Cullen: A Work in Progress Teaser

“Uncle Eddie! Faster!”

“I’m getting old, Masen,” I grumbled as I tried, in vain to keep up with my godson. “Do you know how old I am?”

“A million years old,” Masen smirked. “Daddy’s older, though. He’s TWO million!”

“You got that right, kid,” I said as I ruffled his blonde hair. “Where’s Auntie Bella? Uncle Eddie needs a time out.”

“She’s with the baby,” Masen whispered conspiratorially. “She’s trying to get him to sleep. So be quiet.”

“Okay,” I whispered back as I left Masen in the backyard of my house. Kate was standing on the porch, giving me a smile.

“You’re so good with him, Edward,” she said as she hugged me. “He absolutely adores you.”

“I love him, too, Kate,” I said as I kissed her cheek. “But, I have my own baby to check on. I’ll be back.” Kate nodded and turned back to Masen. I went inside of the house and jogged up the stairs  to the nursery. Bella was in the rocking chair, cuddling our adoptive son, Brandon, to her chest. “How is he?”

“Cried himself to sleep,” Bella muttered. Her eyes were tired but she was ecstatic. She was finally a mother. Brandon’s birth mother was a young girl who couldn’t care for her child, similar to Bella when she gave Paul up for adoption. However, Brandon’s birth mom was an affluent teenager with an unhealthy sense of entitlement. I personally couldn’t stand her, but she was willing to give up custody of her baby boy. We were willing to adopt. “I can’t believe he’s here, Edward. All of those months waiting for him and we have a baby.”

“I know, Mrs. Cullen,” I said as I crouched next to my two angels. “I can’t believe that he’s here, either. I love you.” I kissed Bella’s cheek three times before turning to my son’s head and doing the same.

“I never thought this would happen, Edward,” Bella sniffled.
“Me neither, Bella,” I sighed.

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