Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Teaser

“Edward?” Bella called. “Can you help stretch me out?”

“Sure, baby,” I said as I locked up my house. I jogged up the stairs, my own muscles protesting. Loudly. Bella was sitting on my bed wearing the smallest pair of black and gray shorts and a sexy lace camisole. I gulped and walked to the bed. “What to do you need me to do, Bella?”

She got up and lay on the floor. She moved her leg so it was perpendicular to the floor. “Push my leg toward my head until I say stop, okay?” I gently grasped her smooth leg and began moving her leg toward her head. I was nearly to her head when she said for me to stop.

“Jesus, Bella,” I squeaked. “You are freaky stretchy.”

“Shut it,” she giggled. “Now, push gently until I nod.” I sighed and acquiesced to her suggestion. I was bent over her and to some layman, it looked like some freaky sex pose. Hell, I think my cock woke up at the position we were in. He was poking Bella’s thigh. “Horny much, Cullen?”

“Hush. You’re doing some freaky yoga shit in these tiny shorts. Of course I’m going to get turned on,” I groaned as I thrust my hips forward slightly. Bella whimpered as my cock rubbed against her short-covered pussy. She mumbled that her leg was stretched and we repeated the stretch with her other leg. Bella thanked me by kissing my stubbled cheek before she crawled into my bed. Fuck me, she looked so perfect there.

“Edward, you realize you’re staring at me. I’m just getting ready for bed,” she giggled.

“I know. But you’re in MY bed and you look like you belong there,” I said.

“Oooookay,” Bella said, arching a brow. “You’re a bit odd, Edward Cullen.”

“You just NOW realized this?” I guffawed.

“I suppose so. Now, as much as I love you, Professor, please shower because you are ripe, boy,” she snickered.

“Well, you kicked my ass with that choreography, Marian,” I said flatly.

“I got to see you shake your ass. It was worth it. Shower. You stank!”

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