Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Teaser

“Fuck, that was the hottest thing I’ve experienced.”

“Right, Edward,” she snorted. “I’m not…”

I captured her face with my fingers, gazing into her eyes. “Don’t finish that statement, love. When we danced together, something lit up inside of you, Bella.” I dragged Bella outside to the patio. Yes, we had to contend with the smokers but I wanted her to hear what I had to say. “Do you know how confident you were while were dancing? I saw Bella in her element. The one who is a performer and…fuck, baby. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You should get back into performing, Bella. Because if I got see and experience that from a piddly dance; I can’t even imagine when you’re on fire performing on stage.”

“James took so much away from me, Edward. I don’t have the memory to be on stage anymore. Do you notice on my desk at school and on my planner at home? All of the sticky notes? That’s because I can’t remember shit. I have no short term memory. Well, I have some short term memory, but recall is for crap. I’d need to work on my lines for nearly a year before I could commit them to memory. It’s so frustrating.”

“Bella, you can’t deny how happy you felt though while we were dancing?” I pressed.

“No. It was fun. Plus, I had a great partner,” she giggled. “Your hips can move good for an old guy.”

“Hey, I’m not that old,” I said dryly. “Yes, I’m older than you, but I’m not decrepit, yet.”

“You do have some gray hair,” Bella teased as she ruffled my crazy locks. “Right at the temples. It’s very sexy.”

“Yeah, that’s because of my wonderful ex-wife and the shit she pulled while we were getting divorced,” I grimaced. “At least I know that I won’t lose my hair. All of the men in my family have full heads of hair. I’m too vain to be bald.”

“It would be weird to see you without your hair,” Bella said as she twined her fingers into said hair. “It’s your crowning glory, Edward. Your peacock feathers.”

“I’ll show you my peacock,” I growled as I attacked her neck. She laughed as squirmed in my arms, squealing my name.

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