Friday, February 3, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Update

Chapter Fourteen

The rest of our work week was pretty nondescript. Unfortunately, I had to take a half day on Friday to meet with my attorney regarding the text I sent to Jenks. He wanted to speak to Emma about Jessica's behavior. I was tempted to ask Bella to come too, but Jenks said if he needed her, we'd set up another meeting. The only positive of taking the half day was the date I would be able to have with Bella after the meeting. Carlisle and Esme volunteered to keep Emma while I spent some much needed alone-time with my girl.

I pulled up to my daughter's school on Friday afternoon. I was dressed pretty conservatively in a pair of khakis and a Springview polo shirt. I went into the office and smiled at the secretary, Mrs. Garon.
"Morning, Mrs. G," I winked. "How are you?"

"I'm good, Mr. C.," she chortled. "Are you here to pick up Emma?"

"I am. I have an appointment and Emma's been asked to be there," I said.

"I'll call down to Ms. Denali's room to get her ready to go," Mrs. Garon replied.

After she made the phone call, I leaned against the counter. "I have a question. I'd like to add another adult to be approved to be allowed to pick up Emma. Right now it's me, my mom and Emma's mother," I sneered the last one. "How can I add someone else?"

"Just fill out this paperwork," Mrs. Garon replied. "Would you like to add this person as an emergency contact as well?"

"Yes, please," I answered. She handed me a stack of paperwork and I quickly added Bella to the list of approved adults to pick up my baby girl.

"Isabella Swan?" Mrs. Garon asked. "Is she someone special, Mr. C.?"

"She is," I blushed. "Let's just say that I hope that her last name will change soon."

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Alumni Club

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