Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Picture Teaser...

He helped me up and we hobbled to the ice. Emma was waiting for us by the entrance, grasping the railing for support. “Emma, be careful and stay where I can see you, okay? Thank you for waiting for us.”

Emma nodded and took off from the railing to center ice. There were a few children already there and she fell into a fast friendship with them. Edward held me up as we tentatively stepped onto the ice. I wobbled pathetically. Edward’s large hand tightened around my waist. “Easy, love,” he cooed against my ear.

“I told you I would be the first to fall,” I giggled.

“I’ll cushion you,” he said. “I’ll sacrifice my body for your safety, Bella.”

“Not necessary, Professor,” I quipped as I went to skate away from him, determined to show him that I didn’t need his assistance. Two strides away, I wobbled and held my hands out in front of me while my ass was up in the air. “Yeah, this is not working.”

Edward was just chuckling. I righted myself and glared at him. His cell phone was out and he snapped a picture of my funky chicken. “You didn’t take a picture of that, did you?”

“Oh, but I did,” he laughed. “Do you know that your ass is perfection?”

I spun around and fell forward. Edward held out his arms and caught me before I face planted onto the ice. “Are you okay?” he asked frantically.

I gripped his biceps as he dragged me up. I looked up at him and smiled sheepishly. “I’m fine. Embarrassed more than anything. Thanks for saving me from having a broken nose. Not that it’s my first one, though.”

“Bella,” Edward whispered. “How?”

“Punched me,” I shrugged. “A couple of times. The last time was the worst. I almost had to have reconstructive surgery to my nose. But I didn’t want to have the Michael Jackson look, you know?”

“Really?” he asked, arching a brow over his glasses. I smiled sweetly at him. He kissed my lips and we lazily skated around the rink. I managed to get into my flow. Ironically enough, it was Emma who fell first. She was showing off with her new friends and fell flat on her butt. Edward was concerned but she hopped back up. Her smile was wide, indicating that was fine.

We skated for an hour and half before I started shivering uncontrollably, not used to the frozen tundra that was Chicago.

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  1. I really Hope Jessica gives up her rights to Emma..