Monday, January 16, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Teaser

The pre-game light show was going on as I stood just off the ice. As the laser lights of the Blackhawk logo trained on center ice, the main lights began to come back up and the red carpet was rolled onto the slick surface. I flipped on the microphone that I held in my hand and stepped onto the carpet along with the color guard. The announcer asked the fans to remove their hats and stand for the singing of the National Anthem.

I sang the Canadian National Anthem first. Then, the organ morphed to the Star Spangled Banner. With a confident grin, I sang our National Anthem. As I reached the climax of the song, my smile grew wider and I finished with a flourish. The crowd yelled and cheered. I bowed my head and turned to exit the ice. I handed the microphone to the stage manager and headed up to the sky box where everyone was located. I breezed into the box and was handed my jersey by my brother. I removed my suit coat and slipped the tie into the pocket. I pulled the jersey over my head. Teddy handed me a beer and I sat back to watch the Hawks.

“That was something else, Edward,” Charlie murmured. “You were so confident out there…”

“You have to be,” I shrugged. My cell phone rang from my pocket as the first period began. It was Bella. “Hello, love.”

“Holy mother fucking SHIT, Edward. You were so awesome,” Bella squealed. “Shut up, Alice! Can I help it that my boyfriend is sexy and confident when he sings? Don’t make me throttle you, child.”

“What is Alice saying?” I laughed.

“She’s not saying anything. She’s humping a pillow. Rose is currently on the floor laughing hysterically at my friend and well your mom and aunt are completely schlitzed,” Bella giggled.

“Bella, it’s only seven,” I deadpanned.

“They got a head start. Anyhow, I like seeing all of the drunk people. They are so funny. Especially your mom. God!” Bella snickered. “Anyhow, I am so proud of you, Professor. You were amazing up there. And so…sexy.”

I blushed. “Why thank you, Bella,” I cooed. “You could do it, too. They’re looking for a female singer. You should audition.”

“Oh, no. Ever since…you know…I’ve had the worst stage fright,” she said quietly. “Anyhow, we’re going to watch a marathon of True Blood. It’s vampires and sex. Or something like that. Rose insists it’s awesome.”

“Call me if you need me to pick you up,” I said.

“Edward, I don’t drink. Maybe a glass of wine. But, I am just going to snivel at the rest of the drunkies,” Bella said, her voice dancing with mischief. “I love you, Edward.” A chorus of ‘I love you’s’ filled my ear. “SHUT UP! Drink some more alcohol! Sorry about them. They’re being a pain in the ass.”

“I love you more, my Bella,” I murmured. She whispered goodbye and hung up. As I hung up, my cell phone text alert rang.

Daddy, you rocked! We were eating dinner at BW3s and I screamed that was MY Daddy! The place clapped for you. LOVE YOU!!! MISS YOU!!! – Emma

Thank you, my angel. I was singing just for you and Bella tonight. I love you more than my own life, baby girl. I miss you so much and I can’t wait to see you – Daddy

Blackhawk Players standing for the National Anthem

Fandemonium, Gift Shop in United Center

United Center

Pre-Game Light show

Bella's Hat

Emma's Back Pack

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