Monday, January 16, 2012

Fanfiction Recommendation: Setting it All Up

Setting it All Up

I just finished reading this little gem by Noelle Seven. It features a geeky Edward (my personal favorite Edward) and a star athlete, Bella. Bella is the setter for Forks High School volleyball team. Edward has loved her from afar since she moved to Forks during Freshman year.

The problem?

Edward is teased and taunted by his peers. Relentlessly.

Secretly, Bella has been attracted to Edward for the same amount of time. Their relationship starts off very unconventionally. They run into each other at a book store where Edward, in his true geeky fashion, stumbles over his words before finding his groove with Bella. They break apart and have an 'online date' with their alter egos, EMC2 and vbp913 where they discuss their romantic woes. Little did they realize that Edward is EMC2 and Bella is vbp913.

The relationship these two share is special and demonstrates the wonders of first love.

Now, this story is not without its drama. It comes in the form of Jacob Black. He's one of the bad guys in the story and he's really nasty. At a Halloween party, Jacob tries to touch Bella without her permission. Edward sees red and punches out Jacob. Edward become a bit of a hero after that. He's also not seen as the geeky guy anymore, but in reality he is.

The growth of Edward in this story is what makes it so incredible. I loved his devotion to Bella. His loyalty to Leah. His brotherly bond with Seth. His friendship with Jasper. His ever-changing relationship with his parents.

Read this story. You won't be sorry!!

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  1. Thank you for rec'ing this I fell in love with this story