Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Teaser

Bella made some lunch. While we were eating it, Alice knocked on the door and without waiting for a response, she let herself in. “Bella, you really should reconsider letting me have your key,” Alice quipped.

“Okay. Can I have my key back?” Bella said, arching a brow.

“What? Why?”

“So, the hot, brilliant and TALENTED man sitting at my breakfast bar can have it,” Bella said as she held out her hand for Alice’s key. Alice began to jut out her lip pathetically. “Brandon! NOW! No puppy dog pout. Don’t make me slice your Manolos.”

Alice tossed Bella the keys, which Bella did not catch. She scrambled to pick them up and scowled at Alice. Bella walked toward me and took my keychain from my pocket. Carefully, she added her apartment key to my keychain. “The big key  lets you into the building and the silver one is the key to my apartment. I’ve already got a key from you, now you have mine.”

“Well, if we’re exchanging keys,” I smirked. I pulled off my spare house key from my keychain and placed it in Bella’s tiny hand. “You have the key to my heart and now to my house. Feel free to swing by anytime you want.”

“God, you two are nauseating,” Alice gagged.

“Alice, so help me, I will kick your ass,” Bella growled. “I love you like a sister but you can be so annoying for someone so tiny.”

“ANYHOO…” Alice sang. “I’m here to kidnap Bella. I need to make her beautiful for my little shindig tonight. I invited Rose and Emmett, if that’s okay.”

“That’s cool,” I smiled. “Their New Year’s Eve plans fell through last minute.”

“That’s what Rose said in between shots of Petron,” Alice said. “She’s hysterical. I love her. We’re planning  a spa day. It’ll be oodles of fun, right, Bells?”

“Tons,” Bella said flatly. “I just don’t like the idea of strangers massaging me, Alice. Or other stuff. Manis and pedis? Sure! But full body massages and waxing?”

“Hush. Come on. Let’s turn you into a hottie,” Alice said as she grabbed Bella’s arm.

“She already is a hottie,” I said.

“You’re biased. I’m sending Jasper over so he can play with you. He’s honestly driving me nuts with his incessant babble about whatever he’s talking about. Oh and one other thing,” Alice said as she skipped to the door, opening it slightly. She reached around and grabbed a garment bag. “A present from me to you, Edward.”

“Is it a thong?” I deadpanned.
“With feathers and sparkles,” Alice winked. She pulled Bella out of the apartment. My girlfriend gave me a look of panic before the door closed.

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  1. I REALLY can't stand Alice. She's so annoying. I don't get why Bella lets Alice walk all over her. The midget is so demanding. I hate that Bella always gives into what Alice wants.