Friday, November 11, 2011

Figure Eight Update

Cooking and Promises

I was sitting on my couch with my laptop on my cocktail table. I was typing furiously to finish my application to University of Washington Medical School. I had submitted my MCAT scores and had a letter of recommendation from one of my professors from Northwestern and another one from Jasper. I was nearly finished with my application but I was cutting it close to the deadline. I finished my essay and sent it off to the admissions office. I blew out a breath and sat back on my couch.

Now, I have to wait.

But, Jasper said I was a shoe-in. My MCAT scores were better than his and he graduated with honors. It also helped that I graduated summa cum laude from Northwestern University as well. I ran my hands through my hair, desperately wanting my girl. However, she was doing some light physical therapy from her injuries from Jacob. She was very tense and needed to get her muscles loose. Emmett was massaging her and stretching her body out three days a week. Once she was loose enough, she was cleared to skate full out.

"Knock, knock," came a bell-like voice. "It's Alice."

"In the living room, Fairy," I called out. She came into my apartment and plopped down next to me.
"What's up, Wee One?"

"I'm not that 'wee,'" she giggled.

"You're like 90 pounds, soaking wet?" I snickered. Alice growled and smacked my chest.

Bella and Edward's outfits for the market

After the water war

Bella's promise

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