Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Figure Eight Teaser

“Why can’t you tell me where we’re going? Are you going to kill me and deposit my body into the Puget Sound?” she grumbled.

“It’s a surprise, baby. Stop being such a grump,” I said with a lopsided smile. “Enjoy this. Be grateful I didn’t blindfold you.”

“You wouldn’t!” Bella exclaimed. “Edward!”

I just laughed as I opened the door to my Volvo. Bella slipped inside, sticking out her tongue as she got into the passenger seat. I chuckled. I backed the car out of the spot and left the parking garage. I threaded my fingers with Bella’s and drove us to Pike’s Market. I had planned on purchasing the ingredients for her birthday dinner while we were here.

“Pike’s?” Bella asked, excitement evident in her voice.

“Yep. You’re going to help me plan your birthday dinner. Everything that we get here today, I’ll use to cook your meal tonight,” I smiled. “But first, I need some coffee. I was up very late working on dessert. Fancy some Starbucks?”

“Like going to the first Starbucks?” Bella squeaked.

“Yep. You’ve never been and I’ve always wanted to go, so why not kill two birds with one stone, yeah?” I asked. She smiled widely and nodded enthusiastically. “Come on, my love. I need caffeine!” I parked the car and we walked, hand in hand, to Starbucks. I ordered a Venti Café Americano with two extra shots of espresso. Bella got a grande caramel macchiato. We sat down on an extra large chair and sipped our drinks. I lightly ran my hand down Bella’s arm, kissing her periodically while we relaxed in the Starbucks. We were relaxed, happy and in love. Life couldn’t get more perfect than what I had right now.

“I love you, Edward,” Bella murmured. “Thank you for making my birthday something special and abiding by my wishes.”

“I’d do anything for you, my Bella,” I said as I kissed her temple. “I love you, more, baby. So much, Bell.”
She smiled and kissed my lips sweetly before nestling further against my chest.

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