Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Edward Cullen:A Work in Progress Update

Bowling and Redheads

The semester started and I didn't see Victoria after that day in the bookstore. Jenks had guaranteed that the restraining order against James was rock solid and that he couldn't come within fifty feet of us. But will that deter him? Probably not. He was just that fucking crazy.

Classes were kicking my ass. This semester was definitely harder than last semester. Thankfully, Emmett allowed me to cut back on my hours at the shop so I could get my studying in. Ironically, the time that I was there, I managed to crank out quality work and still earn my regular salary. Bella was pretty much back to normal, attitude-wise. She was still hesitant about closing the shop without me or Emmett. So, she never did.

Her progress at Legacy was fantastic and she was down to two days a week, in the mornings. Her relationship with drugs and alcohol will always be one that she will struggle with but she was healing. I was so fucking proud of her. She had made it to a huge milestone: six months sober. No drugs. No alcohol. We celebrated in true Dreamstyle 'style' and went bowling as a staff. When Emmett suggested it, Bella looked at him like he had eight heads. But, we went anyway and it was a lot of fun.

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