Saturday, September 3, 2011

La Cantante Update!

Fast Forward

The weeks following our debut on the radio were mad. I mean, absolutely crazy. Our song, 'Shattered' flew up the charts. We were invited to play for several shows in the New York area. Bella and I worked with Adele to continue working on our album.

Kellan offered to be our manager. He had done so much for us that we easily considered him to be our manager. We drew up a contract with Jenks and Kellan was hired. He actually fell into the position pretty easily. He was very professional and really knew his stuff. As it turned out, Kellan used to work for another recording company prior to his gig as the manager for talent at Eclipse. He was let go when the recording company went under but always kept his eyes out for new talent. He was grateful that we had fallen into his lap, as it were.

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