Sunday, September 11, 2011

Figure Eight Teaser

Thank goodness Bella was there last night, though. I hated that I lost control of my emotions in front of her, but she was so compassionate and loving about it. She hugged me tightly. She let me cry against her shoulder. And fuck me, she felt so right in my arms. Damn the rain. I would have loved to wake up with her curled against my side. Sighing, I went back to the guest bedroom and tossed my clothes into the bag. I lugged my bag to the foyer and saw Bella at the stove. She was frying up some sausages and the smell of cinnamon was filling the apartment.

“Morning,” I said with a crooked grin.

“Morning,” she replied, looking at me. “Nice hair.”

“Shut it. I don’t have a hat,” I grumbled. “And I’m being lazy. Two showers in one day were a bit much for me yesterday.”

“Can you watch the sausage? I’ll get you a hat,” Bella smiled. I nodded and went to the stove. She darted past me and disappeared into her bedroom. I poked my head into the oven and saw cinnamon buns. My stomach rumbled.

She can cook. Score one for Bella Swan. Maybe she’ll like some extra protein with her breakfast? You know? Spooge?

I’m certifiable.

“Here you go, Edward,” Bella said as she handed me a Seattle Mariner’s hat. “I went with my Dad last fall and he insisted on getting it for me. I look ridiculous in it because my ears stick out funny.”

I took the proffered hat and smoothed my hair under it. “Thank you,” I replied. I then tucked her hair behind her ears. “Your ears do not stick out funny.”

“Yes, they do,” she blushed. She smacked my stomach and took the tongs from my hand.

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