Friday, August 12, 2011

ANSOL Teaser: Chapter 42

“Bella?” Alice said as she put the coffee in the bedroom. She held my hair back. “What’s wrong?”
  “The smell of the coffee…” I moaned into the toilet.
“You love coffee,” Alice said as I sat back. “Holy shit.”
  “When was your last period?” Alice asked.
“Thanksgiving…do you think?” I questioned, my eyes huge.
  “Are you on birth control?” Alice squeaked.
“I was on the shot. That’s why I didn’t worry about not having a period. I was used to not having a monthly period. Oh my god, could I be pregnant?”
  “Hold on,” Alice said. She ran out and returned a few moments later with her purse. “I know I have one in here.”
  “A pregnancy test,” Alice replied. “I thought I was pregnant at the trial and I purchased one. However, my little friend arrived and that nixed the possibility. I bought a test and threw it in my purse. Never used. Never opened. A ha! Found it! Here, pee on this.”
I took the proffered test and shooed her out of the bathroom. I removed my pants and panties. I peed on the stick after I read the instructions. Once I was done with the messy part, I called Alice back in. She set the timer on her phone and hugged me as we waited for the fated bell.
  One minute passed.
Two minutes.
  Three minutes…RIIIIIIIIIIIING!
We both jumped and I walked to the stick. I flipped it over and blew out a breath. “Oh my God,” I breathed.

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