Friday, August 12, 2011

ANSOL Update!

Funeral and Preparations

It had been nearly two weeks since Emmett's disappearance. Since Carlisle's death. Edward threw himself into work. I honestly think he did so in avoidance of the grief that he was feeling. My usually smiling husband was morose and sad. Understandably so. I definitely didn't like Carlisle and I was saddened by his passing. The fact that he was killed by his own flesh and blood just freaked me out.
He also hired a security firm to guard the house. We also had our own personal body guards. Edward said if Emmett had no qualms about killing his father, he would not hesitate to kill one of us in a heartbeat. That definitely worried me and I was feeling perpetually sick over it.

Let's just say that me and food are not good friends right now.

I hate puking…

In addition to the threat of Emmett, we had to plan Carlisle's funeral. However, nothing could be done definitively because his body was still under the care of the medical examiner. On a daily basis, Alice called their office. She was taking the death of her father the hardest. She was the only one of the Cullen children who seemed to have a positive relationship with him. Jasper had his hands full.
However, despite the trauma that we had endured, Alice insisted on having her vow renewal. She said she needed something to work toward. So, here we are, getting fitted for her 'wedding.' Alice is standing on a podium in a pink sheath dress. Rose and I were searching for dresses to go with Alice's gown. I wasn't really into it. I just flipped through the racks, pretending to look.

"Oh, here's a cute one!" Rose said, holding up a red dress. "I like the black belt."

"No. No black. This is a happy occasion," Alice said as she stood holding a pin cushion for the seamstress.

"Alice, what do you want? I mean, we're shooting from the hip here and every single dress we've suggested, you've shot down," Rose said.

"Bright, colorful, a celebration of Jasper's and my love. Pink or red. Probably a bright pink would work," Alice said, her hazel eyes glazing over. "The flowers I ordered are shades of red, fuchsia and light pink. Oh, and Bella? Tell Edward to wear his tuxedo from New Year's Eve. That's the same one that Jasper's wearing."

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