Friday, August 12, 2011

ANSOL Teaser: Chapter 42

I woke up to an incessant tapping on my bedroom door. I sat up from the floor, still dressed in my clothes yesterday. I was achy as I had slept on the floor. I groaned as I heaved my body off the ground. I opened the door and found Alice standing outside holding a huge bouquet of flowers. “What?” I croaked.

“These are from Edward,” Alice said as she handed me the flowers. “A peace offering.”

“I don’t want them,” I said as I padded to the bathroom. “Shit, I’m going to be late.”

“Bella, Edward called you in. He’s taking a sick day, too. You need to talk to each other,” Alice said. “He knew that you wouldn’t open the door if it was him so he called me. He tried to get a hold of Rose but she was heading to Phoenix for the finalization of her divorce. Talk to me, Bella. What happened? Edward just kept mumbling that he fucked up and that’s all I got.”

“He fucked up,” I said, sitting on the bed, removing my shoes. “He’s been overbearingly needy lately. And I get it. However, it’s due to fear of losing me.”

“It’s a valid fear. I’ve been feeling completely lost and afraid. Jasper and I have been clinging to each other, like the other is going to disappear. However, there needs to be a balance,” Alice said.

“That’s the thing. There isn’t a balance,” I wailed. “I know he’s afraid. So am I. What if Emmett gets to him? Edward is young and strong, but he can’t fight a gun. A knife. And I’m sorry but sex is not going to miraculously cure what he’s feeling.”

“A lot of sex?” Alice asked. I nodded and frowned. “I know, sweetie. Jasper and I are a little crazed right now. But you both need to talk about how you’re feeling in order to get past this. Do you love my brother?”

“With my whole heart but he scared me last night,” I sniffled. “I’ve never seen him that angry.”

“Yeah, I saw the hole in the wall. He’s working on spackling it now. It’s kind of humorous. He and Ricky are trying to figure it out and they are not getting it,” Alice giggled. “Bella, talk to him. He’s dying down there.”
“Let me shower and then send him up,” I whispered. Alice hugged me and she left the flowers on the dresser.

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