Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Shaky Ground Teaser

Edward got back from his errands. Carlisle and Esme were watching some television. “Where’s Jake?” Edward asked, putting his stuff on the ground.

“He’s asleep. Like you, his body is recuperating,” Esme said. “He did ask me to tell you that he wants you to say goodnight.”

“I will,” Edward smiled. “Anyway, I picked up some clothes. So, Carlisle, you can have your stuff back.”

“You look better in it. Esme said your ass fills out the jeans better than me,” Carlisle snickered, sipping a beer. “I have a flat butt.”

“Uhhhh,” Edward said, his eyes wide. Esme smacked her husband, apologizing for him and explained he was a little buzzed. “Anyway, I’m going to take my shit and go upstairs. I’m also going to check on Jake, call the hospital and my parents, and then crash.”

“Well, I made brownies. Have one before you go upstairs. They’re rocky road brownies, with marshmallows. Jake helped,” Esme beamed.

Edward got a brownie, mumbling his thanks and darting upstairs. He put down his stuff and checked on Jake. Poking his head inside the bedroom, he saw the boy reading. “Hey, you,” Edward smiled. “I thought you wanted to sleep.”

“I was, but it’s new. New sounds. New smells. You know?” Jake shrugged. “And this bed is so soft. I’ve never slept on anything like this. Either on a mattress on the floor or in a car. My dad couldn’t keep a job for too long and we got kicked out of a lot of places.”

“That sucks, bud,” Edward frowned. “But, now, you’ve got a huge bed and soft pillows. All just for you.” He shrugged, idly playing with the wolf’s fur. “What else, Jake? Why are you so quiet?”

“What if Mama Esme and Papa Carlisle don’t like me?” he whispered. “Will they send me back to my dad?”

“Jake, you have to understand that your dad didn’t treat you right,” Edward explained. “As an adult, he’s supposed to take care of you. Love you. He didn’t. He hurt you and he’s going to get in trouble for that, if they find him. With the quake up in Seattle, things are a bit of a mess. But one thing is for certain, you will not go back to him. If things don’t work out with you and the Cullen’s, I’ll work my hardest to become a foster parent so I can help you, Jake. I’m certain Bella would, too.”

“Can I see her tomorrow?” Jake asked.

“We’ll see. Papa Carlisle bent the rules to let you see her when she got out of surgery. When she’s transferred to a less medically crazy floor, you can definitely see her,” Edward smiled, ruffling Jake’s hair. “How’s the ribs? The head?”

“Ribs are sore. The head … the doctor said I’ll have a scar from where I had those staples, but it’s better,” Jake smiled. “AND I have a loose tooth!” He wiggled a tooth on the bottom jaw. “Do you think the tooth fairy will come?”

“When it comes out, she better!” Edward answered, grinning crookedly. “Now, why don’t you lay down? I’ll read to you. I got you a book when I went out.”

“What book?”

“The Chronicles of Narnia,” Edward answered, showing him the boxed set. “We’ll start with The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.” He sat next to Jake and began reading. It wasn’t anything dramatic, but just hearing the deep, soothing voice of Edward caused Jake’s eyelids to droop. By the end of the first chapter, the little boy was asleep and holding his stuffed animal. Edward marked his spot and kissed Jake on his cheek before slipping out of his room.

In his own bedroom, he hung up his clothes and put his toiletries into the attached bathroom. He checked on Bella first. The charge nurse she was still asleep, but was getting restless. She’d probably be awake by morning. He spoke briefly to his parents, who said that they were coming back from dinner with Charlie. They’d leave early tomorrow morning and would be in Portland by mid-afternoon, depending on stops and such. After their conversation, Edward said goodnight to his hosts and fell asleep, anxious to see his Bella.

He so desperately wanted to tell her that she was his … or rather, he was hers.

Does that make any sense?
Jake's stuffed wolf

Esme's Audi SUV

The Chronicles of Narnia book set from Edward