Saturday, August 5, 2017

Shaky Ground Teaser

“Fine. A reprieve. Until tomorrow. But, you will tell all,” Alice squealed, hugging her friend. She smelled men’s cologne on her skin and she knew there was more to the story. “You will tell all.”

Bella fell into a deep sleep. Her dreams were erotic and featured Dr. Edward Masen wearing nothing but a loin cloth, peeling grapes with his teeth and pleasuring Bella with his tongue. When she woke up, she was a sticky mess, turned on as fuck, wanting to send another text to Edward. She also noticed that she wasn’t alone in her bed. “HOLY SHIT!” Bella screamed as she fell onto the hardwood floor.

“I gave you until tomorrow and if I’m not mistaken, tomorrow is now, today,” Alice chirped, sitting on the bed with an evil smirk.

“Do I need to get a lock for my bedroom door, Brandon?” Bella asked, scowling at her friend. “That was hardcore creepy.” She rubbed her behind, having landed awkwardly on her tailbone. “And I broke my ass, thanks to you, perv.” She got up, moaning as her back cracked. “Ali, I love you, but I need coffee, a shower and a shit-ton of ibuprofen before we have this conversation. Get the fuck out of my room.”

“But, you promised,” Alice pouted, but smirked.

“I promised, but heaven forbid I get rid of the hangover I have, preventing me from being a functioning member of society,” Bella said, pushing her tiny friend out of the bedroom. “You want to make yourself useful? Go get us some coffee … the good shit from that bakery around the corner with a baker’s dozen of donuts.” Bella reached into her purse, handing Alice a twenty. “Please?”

“Now we’re talking,” Alice said, taking the money. “Be back!”

She danced out of the bedroom and left Bella to ruminate her sore ass, raging headache and needy pussy. She picked up her cell phone, sending a text to Edward. Thanks for last night. I’m still feeling you. You starred in my fantasies ~ B

You’re killing me, Swan ~ Masen

Really? Or are you hard? ~ B

As a fucking rock. I can only imagine how wet your pussy is, Isabella. Hmmm … I dreamt of being buried, balls deep, inside you ~ Masen

Fuck me sideways ~ B

I’ve never fucked anyone sideways. You game? ;-) ~ Masen

An emoticon? I think hell just froze over! LOL! And I’m always game, Edward. But, Alice might suspect something. I don’t know if she bought your story ~ B

She waited for him to respond. Her cell phone had the dancing dots, indicating he was typing. Bella was desperate to break through his wall of solitude. She wanted nothing more than for him to open up, tell her why he isolates himself and why she was privy to his rare smiles and his sexy AF body.

I trust you to use discretion in regard to what we agreed to. But, you could use alcohol as a helpful tool to conveniently forget most of the details. Not to mention, exhaustion, as well ~ Masen

Thank you for being there last night ~ B

There was nowhere else I wanted to be, Isabella. I’m sorry that the system didn’t work the way it was supposed to for Jake ~ Masen

And think about fucking each other sideways. That might be fun ;-) ~ Masen

Again, with the winky emoticon. You’re very cute, Dr. Masen. Totally adorable and you have dimples when you smile. Do that more often. I’ll see you at work this weekend ~ B

I look forward to it. Perhaps, I’ll show you more of my dimples. They are in other places besides my smile ~ Masen

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