Friday, August 4, 2017

Extra Shaky Ground Update

As a gift to my FB group members, since we reached 2,900 members, I'm posting an extra update for Shaky Ground. So, I hope you enjoy it! 

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1918 ~ B
Edward had taken another week off from work. His face had finally calmed down and after telling Jasper and Emmett about what had transpired with Tanya, he felt more at peace. Still mainly an empty shell, but a more Zen empty shell.
He looked at the phone, seeing Bella’s text. It was the first time he’d heard from her since he stopped by at the hospital. He wanted to see her.
Where? ~ Masen
I’m off in twenty. There’s a bar near the hospital. Collins Pub. Meet me there? I need alcohol, food and a hard fuck ~ B
I’ll be there ~ Masen
Edward picked up his jacket, wallet and cell phone. He backed out of the garage, driving to the bar. He parked and went inside. He saw Isabella sitting at the bar, still dressed professionally in a blouse and tight skirt, from her time at the hospital, taking a shot of something. She put it down, pointing to it. “Another one,” Bella said. The bartender filled up her shot glass and she slammed it. Edward slid behind her, putting some money on the bar. “Dr. Masen,” she chirped. “You buying me drinks?”
“It would appear so,” he said. He looked at the bartender. “Can we get a table?”
“Open seating, man,” he replied. “Change?”
“Keep it,” Edward said, sliding his arm around Bella’s waist and guiding her to a booth. “When did you get here?”
“I may have bit off Dr. York’s head and he sent me home,” Bella said, wrinkling her nose. “But, I didn’t go home. I came here, like I asked you to do. Which you did. Thank you.”
“Isabella, how long?” Edward asked.
“About two minutes after our conversation,” she said. She looked at him. “Your face doesn’t look like pizza anymore. And who took out your sutures?”
“My dad did,” Edward said, pushing a menu toward her. “When did you last eat, Isabella?”
“I had a donut before my shift,” she answered. “Twelve hours ago.” She pouted, her pink lips jutting out. “Today sucked. Major suckage.”
Edward arched a brow, waving down a server. “What do you want to eat, Isabella?” he asked. She shrugged, making a face. “Mini sliders with the curly fries. Some water and … regular or diet soda?”
“Beer,” Bella said. “I want a beer. Whatever you have on tap that will help me maintain my buzz.”
The server chuckled. “For you, sir?”
“Fried mozzarella and … hmmmm, another serving of sliders. They look good,” Edward said.
“Beer for you, too?”
Edward nodded and looked back at Bella. She’d been served her water and was sipping it daintily, but she was clearly agitated. “Isabella, why did today suck?”

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