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Married to the Mob Update

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As we drove to the Swan Dive, I sent a text to Emmett, my father and any of the guys who were available. Garrett was on the phone with Claire, getting information about the alleged gas leak. Alleged, my ass. Jasper parked around the corner and we made our way to the remains of the diner.

It was a hole in the ground. There was nothing left. It was a smoldering pile of ashes. I walked over to one of the few fire department personnel that were still milling around. “Whoa,” I muttered, my eyes wide. “What happened?”

“Gas main leak,” a burly guy answered. “The owner was getting ready to open up when he called it in. He said he smelled gas when he walked into the kitchen. The operator said for him to get out. That operator was a fucking genius.”

“Did he?” I asked. “The owner? Did he get out?”

“Yeah, but he was thrown almost clear across the street when the place exploded,” another guy answered. “He was in bad shape. Where’d they send him?”

“Chicago Med,” the first guy answered. “You know the guy? The owner? An older dude, with shaggy blonde hair.”

I shook my head, not wanting to raise suspicion. “No, I don’t. I liked to come here every so often. Was it really a gas main leak?”

“We’ve got an arson investigator on the way, but with the amount of damage to the building …”

“The fact that the building is not here anymore,” the second guy snorted, interrupting the first one and gesturing to the smoldering rubble.

“You’re an ass. This place had the best pies,” the first guy grumbled, smacking his coworker. “Anyhow, I think foul play, but I’m in the minority. You a reporter? Nothing’s been released to the press, man.”

“No, just a concerned patron. I loved their pies,” I replied, smiling wryly to the first firefighter, who nodded in approval. “Thanks. I hope that you find out what happened soon.” I stuffed my hands into my pockets and strode back toward Jasper. We met up, walking back to the car. “What did you get?”

“No one was inside, thankfully,” Jasper answered, squinting his eyes. “Jimmy made it out, but he was injured, badly. They wouldn’t tell me where, though.”

“Chicago Med,” I replied. “Get Garrett on it and I’m going to bring Bella to see him.”

“What do you want me to do?” Jasper asked, reaching into his pocket and taking out the car keys.

“Find out who fucking blew up The Swan Dive,” I snarled, taking the keys from Jasper’s hand. “This was a hit, plain and simple. It was a god damned miracle that Jimmy got out at all.” Jasper’s eyes hardened and he nodded, striding in the opposite direction. His phone was out and he was talking rapidly. I slid into my car, driving back to my condo. I parked the car and rode up to my floor. As I was in the elevator, Jasper texted me.

Jimmy’s in surgery. His legs are fucked, but he got lucky. There’s more. Alice is trying to find out, but it’s slim pickins since we’re not family. Alice is pulling the doctor card. I’ll let you know if I hear more ~ Jas

Thanks. We’ll head there now ~ E
The remains of The Swan Dive

Uncle Jimmy's Apartment

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