Friday, July 28, 2017

Shaky Ground Update

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The weeks pass and every couple of days, Edward and Bella sneak away to fuck each other stupid. But, it wasn’t just fucking. Bella shocked Edward one time while she was working and gave him stellar blow job in the men’s bathroom. He moaned as he watched her head bob over his cock, fisting her hair. He returned the favor a couple of days later, sneaking into the on-call room and licking her pussy until she woke up and was squirming in undeniable pleasure.

What shocked Bella the most was how tender Edward was after they had their intimate moments. Even though he was forceful while they had sex, he would always worry about hurting her. His lips were always attached to her skin, kissing and caressing her. When they were face-to-face, he’d always look at her in her eyes and there was so much desire swirling in his evergreen orbs, even care.

When there were more minor tremors or subtle earthquakes, Edward would text Bella, knowing her fear. Are you alright? ~ Masen

She would reply and grateful for his concern, further showing that he wasn’t a bad guy. Just hurt, broken. Bella was determined to find out why he was hesitant to trust women, but with each passing day Bella hoped he’d open up to her. Tell her why he was so closed off.

Why he continued to be closed off.

The only time he opened up was when they were together. He was still abrupt to the medical staff, separating himself from the nurses and other doctors, only interacting with them when they had to work on a case. He even retreated further away from the women, being almost mean toward them, especially the nurses who looked at Edward like he was a side of beef. And to be honest, most of them did.

“Bella,” Alice chirped as she came down to the emergency department. “You’re coming with me to the softball game.”

“To do what, exactly?” Bella asked, jotting down some information on the chart. “I don’t play softball. I did when I was in high school, but quit when I got nailed in the face with a ball and in the next inning, being slammed in the shoulder by a bat. Nope. Not playing.”

“Come on! The boys are playing. Rose is coming, too,” Alice said. “You can help me keep score.”

“Still not convinced,” Bella snickered.

“We’re going to get alcohol after the game,” Alice beamed.

“There’s the magic word,” Bella nodded. “I’m almost done. I’ll meet you at the field? I have to change. I refuse to show up in a pair of scrubs.”

“Kay,” Alice nodded. She prattled off some directions and she left.

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